Sunday, October 4, 2020

Important Changes


Southern Oregon Fly Tyers

UPDATE - October 2020


Hello to all our members who have been dealing with the COVID reality, the fires and our lack of water. With COVID levels up in our region we all need to be diligent, remain safe, wash hands, social distance and wear our masks.  


Our next meeting is on October 13, and we will conduct one utilizing Zoom from my FlyTying Den in Medford. We will send out instructions on how to set up to join this meeting in a subsequent blog posting. Check the blog at


For now, I really need to get together a listing of emails and phone numbers, designate as home or cell, [Instagram accounts if you have one] for everyone.  Please send this into Tom Collett at  Please also call your friends that have come to our past meetings to ensure that they know what we are trying to do and please send their information in along with yours. We want to include everyone.


I hope that all of you have remained healthy and your families continue to be safe.


Kindest regards,



David P. McCants

Retired CFO/CPA and flytying nut 541-973-3508