Saturday, November 23, 2019

Flies for WaterWatch

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers are committed to support WaterWatch by supplying fly boxes full of hand tied coveted flies for their annual fundraiser that occurs every November.  These flies are tied throughout the year and collected well prior to the November fundraiser.  

Some of these flies will be purchased by fly fishers but some will be purchased by people who will have them as momentos of the event and may not want a dozen flies that are not all the same.  

We already have one person committed to tie a dozen flies.  Contact Tom Collett to express your support and make your commitment.  Take note of the tab at the top of the blog right next to the home tab.  It is labeled WaterWatch.

So far only one person has promised to bring flies to the December meeting.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Recap of Wednesday Meeting

Several interesting and noteworthy things happened at this meeting.

Our host John MacDiarmid came and assured us that we were welcome to use the building but that we had all collectively neglected to return the favor and pay the rent by donating flies to WaterWatch to be used in their annual Auction that occurs every November.  This plan is a win, win for everyone.  Going forward we will employ new tactics that will insure better results.  New plan:

↻ There is a new page on the blog titled WaterWatch right next to the Home page.  This will track the progress and be updated as needed.
↻ There will be a continuous report on those who have committed to tie and the delivery of the flies.
↻ Tom Collett will be the person to advocate and track the progress.   

Mark Swanburg had a request that we help a 14 year old boy who wanted to start tying flies.  He left the meeting with a box that included a vice and some tools and materials.  More on this project later.
And of course the star of the show Cathy Hamilton with her amazing woven flies.  Lets just focus on just one fly, the Woven Caddis Larva using the overhand weave.

Top View

Side View

Bottom View

Monday, November 11, 2019

Vise and tools for 14 yr boy

Hello everybody, this is Mark Swanburg, I have a 14-year-old 
young man who I have been teaching how to fly fish and is in
 need of a vice and tools and possibly some materials. He 
comes from a great family but they are non-fishing parents 
and I’m hoping to bring him to the meeting tomorrow night 
and was wondering if anybody has anything they could 
donate to him so that he can get started in fly tying.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

November 2019 Meeting

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers
Meeting on Tuesday, November 12, 2019
6:00 PM

8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill

At our November meeting, Cathy Hamilton will be demonstrating three flies that were designed to be woven -- a Woven Caddis Larva, the Bitch Creek Nymph, and a Polish Woven Nymph.  The Caddis Larva will be tied using the Overhand Weave, while the Bitch Creek and Polish Nymphs utilize the Shuttle/Parallel Weave.  In addition to these three flies, Cathy may have some additional weaving magic to share.

The Woven Prince Nymph that Cathy often demonstrates didn’t start out as a woven fly, but was modified to include weaving.  To contrast, the three flies Cathy will be tying at our meeting all included woven bodies right from the start, and showcase the unique effects that weaving can produce in your flies.  


HOOK: Mustad 9671 (2XL Nymph Hook), size 10
LEAD: .025, 8-10-wraps
BODY: Olive and Yellow Antron; Overhand Weave
HACKLE: Hen back, olive or brown
HEAD: Brown dubbing


HOOK: Mustad 79580 (4XL Streamer Hook), size 10
THREAD: Black 8/0
LEAD: .025, 1/8” from bend to 1/8” from eye
ANTENNAE: White rubber legs, medium thick
TAILS: White rubber legs, medium thick
ABDOMEN: Orange and Black Chenille (I used “ultra chenille”);      Shuttle/Parallel Weave 
THORAX: Black Chenille
HACKLE: Brown, spiraled


HOOK: Dai-Riki 135 (Scud Hook), size 10
LEAD: .025
BODY: Olive Antron, White Polypropylene; Shuttle/Parallel Weave 
RIB: Gold wire
HEAD: Peacock herl