Sunday, October 8, 2017

October Meeting

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers
Meeting on Tuesday, October 10, 2017
6:00 PM
8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill

     I hope that everyone has had a great summer, a little hot for me but nonetheless some good fishing was had on our local streams and lakes.  Especially true for me on the upper Rogue river, the holy water, and Medco Pond.

    We will miss Dave Hamilton, but part of his legacy is the tying sessions and the fly’s he shared with all the members of SOFT.  It would be nice to set up a group tying session and horror him by tying 2-3 of his favorite fly’s which I will speak with Cathy Hamilton about.

     This session I will lead and tie a new pattern modeled after Mr. Paul Wolflick’s black Carey Special he uses on lakes very successfully.  We will also do a second variation of this fly which attempts to solve the “short strike” issue I found recently on the holy water of the Rogue River.  On 3 successive trips I have swung this fly successfully (17 for 25 with 14-22 inch fish, 8 for 13 with 10-18 inch fish and, 7 for 12 with 11-18 inch fish).  I broke many fish off on 3x tippet and finally went to 2x and the fish didn’t seem to mind.  A friend also nymphed with this fly for an 18 inch fish, also on the holy water.

     Let us not forget to bring flies for the raffle, and any items you may wish to donate for our raffle.  We also will have a table up for any items you may want to give to others (the “I have too much stuff” let’s give some to somebody else who can use it}.

    Also this summer the club donated 6 boxes of flies to Water Watch for their fundraising activities.

    I look forward to seeing everyone and the meeting and please bring friends or anyone who would like to participate with our group.

Pattern:          McBear’s UV Black Syn Carey (lakes) and Micro Intruder (rivers)

Lake version –

Hook – TMC 3761 size 8
Thread – Black Uni size 8/0 or 6/0
Body – Marc Pettijean Ice Dub #7, or Black UV Ice Dub from Hareline
Four Strands of Midge Flash Peacock (2 times body length
Hackle – Purple Pheasant Rump with one side stripped (2 – 3) turn
Black head with head cement

River Version – 

Senyo’s Micro Shank 23 mm (Fish Skull)
Hook- Owner Black Chrome Mosquito Hook size 8
Connector – White Spyder Line 20 lb
Thread – as above
Body – as above
Midge Flash – as above
Hackle – as above
Head – as above