Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters 2020 Schedule

Spring Class: All activities are on Fridays
May 8,15,22, and 29th  1:00-3:00 PM at the White City 
Rehab Center
Outing June 5th on the Upper Rogue.  

Fall Class: 
Sept 11, 18, 25, and October 2nd. Same time and place
Outing Oct 9th

 These dates are subject to change due to weather and
 river conditions.

As usual I can always use flies for each of these outings.  
It would be nice to know ahead of time what flies I will be 
getting so I can plan accordingly.
Thanks again for all you do.

John Storfold
Project Healing Waters
White City Oregon 
Program Lead

Friday, December 20, 2019

Sewage Treatment

At the December meeting John MacDairmid put a two page flyer on each table.  Hopefully you read it.  Click this link for a better view of what this is about in our area www.northwestenvironmentaladvocates.org.

This vital legal action needs funds to keep this going.  Patagonia has offered to match any donations.  You can donate right from your computer.  Go to https://www.patagonia.com/actionworks
The matching funds are a limited time offer that ends December 31.

Monday, December 16, 2019

December Meeting Followup

Message From John MacDairmid
 Nine  SOFT members were very generous in donating 9 dozen flies in support of WaterWatch.  These flies were transferred to SOFT boxes and will be entered in the silent auction of the annual WaterWatch Auction next November.  More flies would be appreciated.  Both trout flies and  steelhead flies are bid up at the auction.


Marks Stonefly

Side View

Top View

200R size 4 3x long
140 ultra thread
.020 lead wire
.015 lead wire
black goose biots
32 gage gold beading wire
black floss
Awesome Possum black dubbing
Black balloon strip (I noticed that Fred Meyers sells these)
3/16"brass cone head

Slide cone head onto kook and place in vise
Wrap hook shank with thread and return forward. Tie in and wrap 20 wraps of .020 lead back towards hook bend from eye and tie off. Tie in .015 lead wire on sides of the remainder from the .020 lead wire to the beginning of the hook bend and tie off. Squish lead to make body wide and flat. Make a small bump behind the .015 with thread and tie two goose biots in just above the bump-the bump will splay the goose biots. Wrap the lead with thread in a crisscross pattern to keep lead in place and coat with head cement. Tie in gold wire and then tie in black floss both just above the goose biots. Wrap thread  forward toward cone head and whip finish and place thread in thread holder. Wrap black floss forward covering lead and whip finish and place thread in holder. Wrap wire forward to create a segmented body. Tie off wire and then wrap thread back two fifths from the eye. tie in a 1/4"x 1"strip of black balloon material for wing case. Dub a small amount of thread and create another bump to tie in two black goose biots for the first set of rear legs. Using thread only, tie in the two goose biots, one on each side and dub forward to the next section and tie balloon material forward creating the first stage of the wing case and first part of the thorax. Repeat the last step to create the next section of the thorax and second set of legs-middle legs. Repeat again to create the final set of legs-the front legs. Dub dubbing forward under conehead and tie off balloon leaving a flap. Cut the flap to make a v shaped pattern in the wing case and whip finish. the flap should fold back overlaying the front of the wing case. Tie thread around the back neck of the eye above the conehead and tie a goose biot on both sides of the eye to create antennas. Whip finish and apply head cement.

I want to thank everyone for contributing to Keaton's progress in tying and ultimately fly fishing. He has had success in both thanks to your generosity.  At least once a month I will be meeting with him to tie a new pattern. Needless to say, he is loving it !!! The other day his dad sent me a picture of the fly that I taught Keaton to tie that he himself had taken a swing at and the fly was stellar. Keaton would have had to have shone him how to tie it because I didn't. Keaton has an older brother Braden who is in his freshman year in Missoula Montana and I am also teaching him about fly fishing. I will get a chance to teach him to tie when he comes home for Winter break in a couple of days. I visited him in Montana a couple of months ago and found my favorite lake of all time. I have never felt trout that were that strong pound for pound and I fish Diamond Lake and the Williamson River a lot. The fish were really tall (big shoulders) and all were in the 17-22" range with a few that frankly I could not stop, so I don't know how big the were, and never a day with less than 20 fish. Anyway thanks again and tight lines- Mark Swanburg

Monday, December 9, 2019

December Meeting


Mark gave me one of these a couple of years ago, and it is beautiful. It is well worth the effort it takes to tie. Mark says it will catch steelhead and trout when most other things will not. And if you know Mark at all, you know he can be depended on to catch fish in almost any situation.

Sorry to be so late with this information. I have a great excuse, I was too busy catching stripers to remember any responsibilities! However, I am glad to be back home and am looking forward to the meeting.

Ed Morphis

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Meeting next week, 2 things, maybe 3

Nimber 1...Bring flies if you have them for WaterWatch.

Number 2...SOFT Monthly Auction.   
Its time to clean out your tying bench, closets and supplies to make more room for Christmas presents!
We are always looking for donations for the Auction!
I will take any and all donations for the Auction!  Rods, Reels, Materials, Books or Tying Tools.

I appreciate all the donations and the Auction helps keep things running!
Tom Corbiere

Number 3...Regarding our young fly tier; I tied black Wolly buggers with him a couple of days ago and he needs: bobbin, bodkin, black lighter weight thread, blackish hackle for size 8 & 6 buggers, hot wire-red or whatever wire someone has extra, black short shuck or black chenille with sparkle of some sort & # 8&6 hooks of the 2312 sort and flashabou. I will be teaching him how to tie a flashback pheasant tail and an BTO emerger next. I tie mine on a caddis or scud hook in size 10 &12 and if anyone has some, it would be greatly appreciated. He has the pheasant but will need Mylar & 3/32 beads(black, copper, brass ect.) & brown thread. He has peacock but will need the same scud/caddis hooks for the BTO emerger. Green/olive  floss, small partridge feathers and .015 lead. Keaton’s older brother (Braden) is 18 years old & I have helped him along in his fly fishing & is now going to college in Montana in Missoula. Anything that comes to Keaton in the way of double materials or tools will be distributed to Braden during this holiday season when he returns home from college on his break. It is so very cool of you all who have participated in helping Keaton to get started in this new venture. I can tell you first hand(and you can see for yourself on Tuesday because both he & his father Bill will be attending the meeting) that he is very excited! if you happen to have any of these or any other materials or tools for Keaton & Braden, I know that they will put them to good use. By the way , you should see how good these two kids can cast already! Thanks & tight lines-Mark Swanburg 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Flies for WaterWatch

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers are committed to support WaterWatch by supplying fly boxes full of hand tied coveted flies for their annual fundraiser that occurs every November.  These flies are tied throughout the year and collected well prior to the November fundraiser.  

Some of these flies will be purchased by fly fishers but some will be purchased by people who will have them as momentos of the event and may not want a dozen flies that are not all the same.  

We already have one person committed to tie a dozen flies.  Contact Tom Collett to express your support and make your commitment.  Take note of the tab at the top of the blog right next to the home tab.  It is labeled WaterWatch.

So far only one person has promised to bring flies to the December meeting.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Recap of Wednesday Meeting

Several interesting and noteworthy things happened at this meeting.

Our host John MacDiarmid came and assured us that we were welcome to use the building but that we had all collectively neglected to return the favor and pay the rent by donating flies to WaterWatch to be used in their annual Auction that occurs every November.  This plan is a win, win for everyone.  Going forward we will employ new tactics that will insure better results.  New plan:

↻ There is a new page on the blog titled WaterWatch right next to the Home page.  This will track the progress and be updated as needed.
↻ There will be a continuous report on those who have committed to tie and the delivery of the flies.
↻ Tom Collett will be the person to advocate and track the progress.   

Mark Swanburg had a request that we help a 14 year old boy who wanted to start tying flies.  He left the meeting with a box that included a vice and some tools and materials.  More on this project later.
And of course the star of the show Cathy Hamilton with her amazing woven flies.  Lets just focus on just one fly, the Woven Caddis Larva using the overhand weave.

Top View

Side View

Bottom View

Monday, November 11, 2019

Vise and tools for 14 yr boy

Hello everybody, this is Mark Swanburg, I have a 14-year-old 
young man who I have been teaching how to fly fish and is in
 need of a vice and tools and possibly some materials. He 
comes from a great family but they are non-fishing parents 
and I’m hoping to bring him to the meeting tomorrow night 
and was wondering if anybody has anything they could 
donate to him so that he can get started in fly tying.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

November 2019 Meeting

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers
Meeting on Tuesday, November 12, 2019
6:00 PM

8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill

At our November meeting, Cathy Hamilton will be demonstrating three flies that were designed to be woven -- a Woven Caddis Larva, the Bitch Creek Nymph, and a Polish Woven Nymph.  The Caddis Larva will be tied using the Overhand Weave, while the Bitch Creek and Polish Nymphs utilize the Shuttle/Parallel Weave.  In addition to these three flies, Cathy may have some additional weaving magic to share.

The Woven Prince Nymph that Cathy often demonstrates didn’t start out as a woven fly, but was modified to include weaving.  To contrast, the three flies Cathy will be tying at our meeting all included woven bodies right from the start, and showcase the unique effects that weaving can produce in your flies.  


HOOK: Mustad 9671 (2XL Nymph Hook), size 10
LEAD: .025, 8-10-wraps
BODY: Olive and Yellow Antron; Overhand Weave
HACKLE: Hen back, olive or brown
HEAD: Brown dubbing


HOOK: Mustad 79580 (4XL Streamer Hook), size 10
THREAD: Black 8/0
LEAD: .025, 1/8” from bend to 1/8” from eye
ANTENNAE: White rubber legs, medium thick
TAILS: White rubber legs, medium thick
ABDOMEN: Orange and Black Chenille (I used “ultra chenille”);      Shuttle/Parallel Weave 
THORAX: Black Chenille
HACKLE: Brown, spiraled


HOOK: Dai-Riki 135 (Scud Hook), size 10
LEAD: .025
BODY: Olive Antron, White Polypropylene; Shuttle/Parallel Weave 
RIB: Gold wire
HEAD: Peacock herl

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October 2019 Meeting

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers
Meeting on Tuesday, October 8, 2019
6:00 PM

8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill

I love volunteer organizations like Southern Oregon Fly Tiers because everyone is involved just because he/she loves its purposes. Everyone accepts a responsibility to see it happen, for planning, for setup, for raffle, for coffee, buying tickets or just participating does so out of a devotion. In my workshop at FFI Fair this summer, we discussed this fact. Everyone who was there came from a distance, paid for housing and food, paid $40 for the workshop and expended the effort out of devotion to fly fishing, fly tying and demonstrating.
Vic’s presence this coming Tuesday night, volunteering to come from his home in Eugene to present for us, is a great example of the same devotion. Such devotion is only one of the reasons the Oregon Council, in 2014, designated him Fly Tier of the Year. Other reasons given by one who is more familiar with Vic than I, stated “Not only is he a great tier, but he is a heck of a nice guy.” So I know that we are all looking forward to watching and hearing Vic’s presentation.
Below are pictures of the patterns Vic will be demonstrating. (Dan Kellogg told me last month that he was planning to be away, so there will be no Tech Table this session.)  --Ed Morphis
Vic’s, Mega Prince

Vic’s Posse Bugger
Vic’s Beaded Soft Hackle

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Paul Wolflick Service

Hi Cathy—Paul’s service will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Winston Ward Chapel
340 NW Glenhart Ave, Winston Oregon 97496
Saturday September 28 at 11:00am. 

Luncheon will be held afterwards at the church. Everyone is welcome to stay for lunch & fellowship.

Memorial contributions: 
Project Healing Waters or Casting for Recovery  
(I’m trying to get contact information for these) 
If anyone wants to get in touch with me contact Cathy Hamilton, Tom Collett, or Dave McCants.

 Thank you for sharing this with our friends. 
 Take care, Annabelle 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Paul Wolflick

Hi Tom -- I just spoke with Annabelle.  She told me that Paul passed away this morning.  There WILL be a Celebration of his life ... details are being worked out and will follow.  Donations can be made to CASTING FOR RECOVERY in Paul's memory.  I'm sure Annabelle would appreciate any cards or notes that people would like to send.  For her address contact Cathy Hamilton, Tom Collett, or Dave McCants.

Could you please put this information up on the blog, to share with our group.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September meeting Revisited

Kevin Daniels Always brings something good.
Kevin made the Wally Wing look too easy. 
Here are some photos taken at the meeting

Monday, September 9, 2019

Auction Items

Tom Corbiere needs auction items for the meeting tomorrow.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

This Tuesday and Friday Reminder

Tuesday-SOFT Meeting

Friday-Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

Details on both elsewhere in this blog

Monday, September 2, 2019

September 2019 Meeting

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers
Meeting on Tuesday, September 10, 2019
6:00 PM

8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill

Most of us are familiar with wings made from feathers in various fashions, including pulling off barbs on one side and pulling the barbs down on the other side, to simulate mayfly wings. These are made one feather for one wing. However, fewer of us are familiar with what are called Wally Wings. One set of Wally Wings are made from one feather, by stripping one side of the stem attached to the barbs, and then the other. Thus making a matched pair of wings. This is done after tying in the feather to the hook. Kevin will demonstrate how to do this precisely and efficiently.  
 If you have not seen these done, you will be fascinated with learning how to do them. If you have tied them, you will appreciate the demonstration of how to do them efficiently, because you know that, while they are neat and beautiful, they require practice to learn. And you will appreciate picking up hints on how to do them.
One of the great things about what we do at these meetings is learning new and interesting techniques that make our tying more enjoyable and satisfying. I know I truly enjoyed learning how to tie Wally Wings, and practicing to be able to tie them better. 

Dan Kellogg will be manning the Tech Table again, and, as you all know, most of us will learn new techniques, or learn them better. And, as I already said, this enriches our tying and the enjoyment of practicing it. I am intentionally not telling you what this presentation is about, but I will tell you that it is an area that usually gets little attention, yet is much more important than the attention it gets.
This is a meeting you do not want to miss!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Timely Message

We hope you are all having a great summer! We just want to remind you that we are beginning the season of SOFT meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, September 10. We are starting with a bang. Kevin Daniels will demonstrate tying, Dan Kellogg will be manning the Tech Table, and Tom Corbiere will have some exciting items for the cup raffle.
We will give you information about Kevin’s tying at the regular time before the meeting, and Dan’s Tech Table is always valuable for everyone, but especially for those who may have missed some of the basics. He has his program all planned, but you will just have to be there to know what it is! The same with the raffle.
Please plan on being there if you can at all. Also, just to reiterate, don’t forget the fly fishing festival at Roseburg Country Club, the Saturday before our meeting.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Project Healing Waters

I am planning to start the fall PHW fly fishing 101on September 13th with classes on:

Friday, September 13, 1:00-3:00 PM at the White City Rehabilitation Center.
Friday, September 20, 1:00-3:00 PM 
Friday, September27, 1:00-3:00 PM
Friday, October 4th 1:00-3:00 PM 
The outing will tentatively be on October 11th weather and river conditions permitting.
I am going to be out of town on a 5 week RV road trip , but I will be checking my emails a couple time a week.  If you need to get a hold of me in a more timely manner go ahead and text me.  Don’t know when I will have reception. 
I will be back in town around September 6th.

If you are going to help with the class, let me know.

Chad, I know it is early but you can now start advertising class availability.
Thanks you all for what you do.

John Storfold
Project Healing Waters
White City Oregon 
Program Lead

Monday, June 10, 2019

Update on Paul Wolflick

Cathy Hamilton has been in touch with Annabelle Wolflick.  Annabelle told her that the effects of Paul's stroke have become worse, and right now he's not doing very well.  Paul was in the hospital for 35 days, and is now in a Memory Care home.  Annabelle wanted to thank the Fly Tying community for all the cards and notes -- it's been really special to get them.

About the June meeting

The end of year raffle will be twice as big as regular meeting raffles.  Requesting support of club to bring fly's for donation.  There will two SOFT fly boxes raffled at the meeting.   
In addition I will accept donations for next season's raffles.   

See everyone Tuesday.  

Tom Corbiere

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

June 2019 Meeting

Annual SOFT Dinner
Tuesday June 11, 2019 
5:00 Happy Hour 
6:00 Dinner 
7:30 Raffle 

Where: Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park, Conference Center, 8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill.

We are setting up our Annual BBQ /Potluck dinner for our June 11th meeting. Food and beverages will be provided, and spouses and significant others are very welcome. As this has been a potluck in the past we ask that you let us know if you are planning to bring any side dishes and if not, what if any deserts or other interesting things you want to bring to share. 

We would like to get a head count and we would like to know if you will be bringing anything so that we do not over purchase the main course / side dishes and beverages. 

Please RSVP to me (Dave McCants) at davetyer177@gmail.com. If you could get back to us by Thursday, June 6th that would really help with our planning for this event. 

We will have the following: 
Ribs and Chicken / Baked Beans / Potato Salad / Green Salad / Bread / Wine / Beer / Soft Drinks… and of course what deserts or other dishes you wish to bring along… 
Also, please bring any flies or other donations for our raffle chairman as we will have a raffle after dinner. 
It has been a great tying season, and I thank all of you who have participated in our tying sessions!

Kindest regards, Dave McCants

Thursday, May 16, 2019

May 14, 2019 meeting revisited

Muddler tied by John Matthews
Hook - size 4 or 6 Tiemco #9495 straight eye
Thread - 3/0 Euro Thread black or choice
Tail - Turkey quill
Body – Gold braid
Wing – Gray squirrel
Over wing – Paired turkey quill
Head – Deer hair trimmed
Super glue as desired to secure wings

Coon Muddler tied by John Matthews
Hook – size 4 or 6 Steelhead hook #7999
Thread – 3/0 Euro Thread black or choice
Body – Gold Braid
Wing – Wood Duck
Over wing – Coon body hair
Head – Deer hair trimmed
Super glue as desired to secure wings

Salmonfly tied by John Matthews
Hook – size 6 or 4 #200R
Body – Orange foam strips cut 2mm wide
             First 3 segments are tied on a needle. 
Wing – Moose hair
Optional over wing – silk screen plastic
Head – Deer hair tied bullet style
Legs – Round rubber legs
Pantone marker in light brown or gray to tone down the orange body foam

John used tools purchased from Hairline Dubbing.
Detached Body Tool #650 by Stonfo
Razor Stonfo #707  
These tools can be viewed on stonfo.com 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Paul Wolflick

Annabelle sent this email to Cathy Hamilton.

Hi Cathy, Just a note to let you know that the effects of Paul’s stroke have become worse. He’s been in the hospital for over three weeks. This was a sudden and unexpected change. We are very sad about it. I thought you would like to know. It’s okay to share this with the club. I know many of them care for Paul. Right now he’s very ill and cannot have visitors. If anyone would like to send him a card our address is 130 Summerwood St, Roseburg Oregon 97471. 
Take care 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 2019 Meeting

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers
Meeting on Tuesday, May 14, 2019
6:00 PM
8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill


John is not online to produce announcements about the demonstrations, so, you are stuck with reading Ed’s wanderings again. But if you were present for the evening of his tying the Sofa Pillow and Stimulator, you know to expect some good information about tying the Muddler with different types of material.

The Muddler was developed by Don Gapin in the 1950s up in the Great Lakes area to catch Brookies, but it has become popular all over. Of course, it is tied to simulate, or give the impression of a Sculpin fish, which is a bottom dweller in many waters in the northern hemisphere, both in streams and lakes. I believe this explains one reason for its effectiveness. I have found it to be a go to fly during spring run-off in mountain streams. I have gone to the stream when it is quite stained to muddy, thinking fishing to be unproductive, but put on a weighted Muddler, fished it near the bottom, and caught Rainbows and Browns. I think they were happy to see a nice bite of meat after the long winter.

As stated above, if you have seen John tie before, you know that he covers matters of tying and also of fishing the flies, as he has a lot of experience with both activities. If you have not seen his demonstrating, I urge you not to miss this month’s meeting.

Don’t forget to look through your materials to pull out and donate those you will probably never use again. We need them for the raffle, someone will have a use for them. Also, while you are doing that, pull out a couple of flies to go into the box of flies being raffled. I feel a little hypocritical here, as I forgot mine last month. I excuse myself by pointing to my many responsibilities! To keep yourself from feeling guilty, get them ready early! Seriously, when everyone pitches in to this totally volunteer effort, the more fun it is for all. Isn’t Tom doing a great job with the raffle?!!!! I am going to look through my materials and also get my two flies right now.


There's probably not a bird that flies that has more uses for the fly tier than the Ringneck Pheasant. From the top of its head to the tip of its tail, there's hardly a feather on a pheasant that can't be used to some good purpose. Whether it's hackle you need or tailing fibers, winging material or body material, shoulders or cheeks, whatever, it's all there. One cock pheasant of just average size will provide the resourceful fly tier with enough material to tie thousands of flies.