Monday, February 24, 2020

March 2020 Meeting

I called Ray to see if he had decided on the patterns he would tie, and he told me he had been thinking about it, and decided on tying Polly’s Fledermouse pattern, because it demonstrates several of Rosborough’s characteristic techniques. (This should not be confused with the Fledermaus pattern.) He will also tie a classic steelhead Rusty Rat on a dual barb hook (not to be confused with a Rogue Rusty Rat). 
I have known Ray for about 20 years, but never well. He and I would run into each other quite often at Rusty Randall’s shop, and chat awhile. I never got to watch him tie much, so I am really looking forward to his presentation. He told me he also is looking forward to it. I know I don’t have to urge you who know Ray to be here, and anyone who knew Polly will enjoy reminiscing with Ray about that. 
Those of you, like me, who never knew Polly will be enriched by the presentation. As a retired history teacher, I am always interested in first-hand information about important people and developments (especially in the area of fly fishing and fly tying).
The pictures below are not Ray’s flies, but pictures I pulled off the internet. The Fledermouse is supposed to be authentic, but I can assure you the one tied by Ray will be. And, the single hook Rusty Rat is just to show the basic pattern. If you have never tied on dual hooks, you will be interested in seeing how different that can be.
Tell friends you think of who might be interested, and we will SEE YOU THERE!