Monday, May 11, 2020

Message from Dave McCants

May 2020

Hello to all our members who have been dealing with the COVID reality. We have all been missing the comradery and learning of new tying skills and patterns.  

I too have missed our meetings, the local club meetings, the Albany ORCFFI show and other fun events.

Due to our state still being on lockdown and not knowing when it will end, there will be no meeting in May and June {annual BBQ}.  I therefor propose that our first meeting be in September, second Tuesday as normal and it be a combined BBQ, raffle and that we have 2-3 members tie at this event. I believe that this is the best “socially responsible” way to move forward with our group of wonderful friends.

Additionally, I have an idea to help get over our need for human interaction and to hone/improve our tying skills.  I will open a new ZOOM account in my branding name (McBears Specialty Tys) at the business level.  I will have tying sessions on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30pm starting this Thursday. I will also ask for other tyers to assist by being guest tyers every other week.  In order to do this I will need to know each members Name, telephone, and email address so that I can invite you and let each party know the passwords we will use for our ZOOM meetings.  I chose Thursday so as not to interfere with future clubs meeting and I hope this helps to keep us engaged and to continue our learning, teaching and develop our tying skills.

I hope that all of you have remained healthy and your families continue to be safe.

Kindest regards,

David P. McCants
Retired CFO/CPA and flytying nut