Friday, March 25, 2016

SOFT MEETING, April 12th

  The April meeting will feature a tying demonstration by Paul Wolflick. If you have watched him demo before you know that he always come up with patterns that are innovative, very effective and easy to tie with common materials. He actually fishes these flies before claiming that they work. I have included the recipe for each fly below.

Black Sparkle Carey Special 
HOOK--Size 10 2XL
THREAD --black 6/0
BODY--black peacock ice dubbing
HACKLE--black dyed pheasant rump
HACKLE--black dyed pearl crystal flash

Callibaetis Nymph
HOOK--size 14 1XL
THREAD--pale yellow 8/0
TAIL--wood duck fibers
BODY--tying thread
TOP OF BODY-- olive waterproof marker
THORAX--built-up ball of tying thread
LEGS--Partridge hackle
WING CASE--UV Knotsense
WINGCASE COLORING--olive waterproof marker
2nd WINGCASE COVERING--thin coating of UV Knotsense

    Don’t forget to bring a couple flies for the raffle fly box and any flies you have tied up for Water Watch or our other special project. This should be another great evening with good friends.
    The Bonemarte fly tying material collection will be on sale from 4 to 6 pm. Lots of great items left so come early for best selection. See you there.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blow Out Sale

Monday, March 7, 2016

Tuesday, March, 8th

The RFF club has had several donations of fly tying materials and have too much inventory for the upcoming RFF auction in May. So, we've decided to have some blow out sales to reduce inventory and give you a chance at some great bargains.

This will be some of the lower priced goods, but lots of it and a good variety.
It will be mostly materials and hooks, with a few fishing items here and there.
This month will be Glenn McBride's items and next month will be Dick Bonamarte's items.

Big fly tying materials blow out sale at SOFT.
Tuesday, March 8, from 4 PM until 6 PM, just before the regular SOFT meeting.
Prices will be adjusted so that everything will sell, but please remember that it all goes to a good cause.
The regular SOFT meeting will begin at 6 PM, or earlier if we sell out.

Any questions?

  The March meeting of the Southern Oregon Fly Tyers will feature a special guest tier new to our area. Dave McCants moved to Medford last November from Concord, CA  and brings with him over 50 years of fly tying experience. He was a member of the Diablo Valley Fly Fisher where he taught fly fishing and fly tying for many years. He was also a member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Tyers Guild and a Whiting Farms Pro Team tier. Dave will be demonstrating a Steelhead fly, one of his specialties, called the Gluttonous Leach. Don’t miss this one, I’ve seen the fly and it’s beautiful and not that difficult to tie.
    At last’s months meeting we voted to include one of our club fly boxes in the raffle each month. We also agreed that each member would bring a few flies to fill that box, making it even more valuable to the lucky winner. So this is your reminder to bring those flies to the meeting no matter what level of expertise you may tie at.
     Speaking of flies needed, we are still collecting your donations to Water Watch and the other special project we have talked about. Fly boxes will also be available to those of you who are donating flies to the Oregon Expo in Albany, March 11th and 12th.
    This month’s meeting looks to be fun and educational. Bring a friend and some cookies. Dale will have the coffee on and Kathy will have plenty of raffle tickets to sell.

See you there.