Monday, March 6, 2017

SOFT Meeting, Fly of the Month and Tech Table

SOFT – Tuesday, March 14, 2017 
6:00 pm
   8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill

At our March meeting, Cathy Hamilton will be demonstrating a Woven Body Prince Nymph, utilizing the overhand weave.  This is a weighted fly, and the demonstration will include her special technique for adding the weight to the sides of the hook.  Those who watched Lee Wedberg’s demo at the February meeting will be able to compare his method with Cathy’s.

Weaving flies is not as complex as it might appear -- as with everything else in fly tying, it just requires a bit of practice.  But the special effects it can give your flies make it a technique that’s worth mastering.

Many different materials can be used for weaving, and Cathy will discuss the considerations for selecting suitable materials.  She will also have some examples of larger and smaller flies tied using the overhand weave technique, showing the versatility of the weave, and will have samples of other weaves that are used in fly tying.  

HOOK -- TMC 200R, size 8 (or equivalent)
THREAD -- UTC 140 (for wrapping lead), UNI 8/0 (for tying fly), both black
LEAD -- .025 (Superglue applied after lead is covered with thread)
TAIL -- Brown goose biots
Body -- Kreinik #12 Braid (“Tapestry Braid”), colors 005 (black) and 015    (chartreuse)
BEARD -- Black saddle hackle
WINGS -- White goose biots

This month the Tech Table will feature a mini seminar on dubbing techniques. We will cover the many and varied methods of applying all those different types of dubbing to the thread and hook. There may even be one you didn’t know about. The seminar will begin right after the tier demo. Don’t miss it.