Friday, December 30, 2016

Rogue Fish District Updates

I received a phone call from Ryan Battleson and then a followup e-mail.  The easiest way is just to forward the the whole message in original form.  Tom Collett


Good talking with you this morning.  If you could please add this link to your SOFT Blog and also coordinate to send this out to whoever manages your list serve, that would be great.   We recently started a list serve for emailing Rogue Fish District Updates to interested members of the public, guides, NGO’s, etc.  We currently have over 1100 people signed up to receive updates.  This is similar to getting email notifications regarding Cole Rivers fish counts, summer Huntley Seining project updates, etc.  I included the rest of the Holy Water committee as we had discussed this.  Get on it gentlemen if you did not receive an update yet!

Below is the first December issue:

Additionally, my program, the Salmon Trout Enhancement Program (STEP), also puts out a quarterly newsletter called “Fishworks”.  It is a joint Restoration and Enhancement Grant Program (R&E) and STEP newsletter that you can subscribe to by email.  Unfortunately, on our website I only see the winter 2014 .pdf newsletter.  More current versions have been coming out by email.  I’ve notified my statewide coordinator of this in order to get the most current versions updated to the web.

Thanks for your help,


Ryan Battleson
Assistant District Fish Biologist
Salmon Trout Enhancement Program (STEP)
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Rogue District Watershed
1495 East Gregory Rd.
Central Point, OR 97502

541-826-8774 ext 226 (Office)
541-826-8776 (Fax)

To receive the quarterly STEP and R&E newsletter by e-mail please sign up at

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Addendum for December meeting

At the December SOFT meeting the Tech Table will be sharing some helpful tips on mounting hair wings. You may pick up a new method or two for making the task a bit easier.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

SOFT Meeting, Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mr. David P. McCants will tie two trout flies for the Rogue River (Holy Water and Upper Rogue).  These flies have been fished in multiple rivers in California and Nevada with great success.  The McCBear’s - Two Bobbin Baetis has also been fished by Mike Lawson on the Henry’s Fork with much success.

McCBear’s – Chorus Girl has also been used successfully on the same rivers and has landed a 28” inch rainbow on California’s Putah Creek (Dave’s former home water).

The patterns are as follows:

         McCBear’s - Two Bobbin Baetis

  • ·       Hook – Gaelic Supreme Syl Nemes up eye hook in size 15 or 17 or similar hook,
  • ·       Thread – Body Grey Griffiths 14/0,
  • ·       Tail – Lemon Wood Duck fibers or Brown Partridge,
  • ·       Rib – Black 6/0 Uni Thread on a separate bobbin,
  • ·       Underwing – 2 sprigs of micro pearl krystal flash,
  • ·       Overwing – Marc Pettijean Iron Blue Dun CDC (either trimmed or not)
  • ·       Large Head – Rounded Black Uni 6/0 thread.

McCBear’s - Chorus Girl (in order of tie in steps):

  • ·       Hook – Daiichi 1150 16-18 or similar hook like Dairiki 135,
  • ·       Thread – Montana Fly Co. 8/0 red or Guidibrod 10/0 red or Veevus 16/0 red,
  • ·       Breathers – White Polar Bear stubble,
  • ·       Bead – 11/0 or 14/0 glass bead,
  • ·       Rib – Fine gold wire.