Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Project Healing Waters

Project Healing Waters 2020 Schedule

Spring Class: All activities are on Fridays
May 8,15,22, and 29th  1:00-3:00 PM at the White City 
Rehab Center
Outing June 5th on the Upper Rogue.  

Fall Class: 
Sept 11, 18, 25, and October 2nd. Same time and place
Outing Oct 9th

 These dates are subject to change due to weather and
 river conditions.

As usual I can always use flies for each of these outings.  
It would be nice to know ahead of time what flies I will be 
getting so I can plan accordingly.
Thanks again for all you do.

John Storfold
Project Healing Waters
White City Oregon 
Program Lead

Friday, December 20, 2019

Sewage Treatment

At the December meeting John MacDairmid put a two page flyer on each table.  Hopefully you read it.  Click this link for a better view of what this is about in our area www.northwestenvironmentaladvocates.org.

This vital legal action needs funds to keep this going.  Patagonia has offered to match any donations.  You can donate right from your computer.  Go to https://www.patagonia.com/actionworks
The matching funds are a limited time offer that ends December 31.

Monday, December 16, 2019

December Meeting Followup

Message From John MacDairmid
 Nine  SOFT members were very generous in donating 9 dozen flies in support of WaterWatch.  These flies were transferred to SOFT boxes and will be entered in the silent auction of the annual WaterWatch Auction next November.  More flies would be appreciated.  Both trout flies and  steelhead flies are bid up at the auction.


Marks Stonefly

Side View

Top View

200R size 4 3x long
140 ultra thread
.020 lead wire
.015 lead wire
black goose biots
32 gage gold beading wire
black floss
Awesome Possum black dubbing
Black balloon strip (I noticed that Fred Meyers sells these)
3/16"brass cone head

Slide cone head onto kook and place in vise
Wrap hook shank with thread and return forward. Tie in and wrap 20 wraps of .020 lead back towards hook bend from eye and tie off. Tie in .015 lead wire on sides of the remainder from the .020 lead wire to the beginning of the hook bend and tie off. Squish lead to make body wide and flat. Make a small bump behind the .015 with thread and tie two goose biots in just above the bump-the bump will splay the goose biots. Wrap the lead with thread in a crisscross pattern to keep lead in place and coat with head cement. Tie in gold wire and then tie in black floss both just above the goose biots. Wrap thread  forward toward cone head and whip finish and place thread in thread holder. Wrap black floss forward covering lead and whip finish and place thread in holder. Wrap wire forward to create a segmented body. Tie off wire and then wrap thread back two fifths from the eye. tie in a 1/4"x 1"strip of black balloon material for wing case. Dub a small amount of thread and create another bump to tie in two black goose biots for the first set of rear legs. Using thread only, tie in the two goose biots, one on each side and dub forward to the next section and tie balloon material forward creating the first stage of the wing case and first part of the thorax. Repeat the last step to create the next section of the thorax and second set of legs-middle legs. Repeat again to create the final set of legs-the front legs. Dub dubbing forward under conehead and tie off balloon leaving a flap. Cut the flap to make a v shaped pattern in the wing case and whip finish. the flap should fold back overlaying the front of the wing case. Tie thread around the back neck of the eye above the conehead and tie a goose biot on both sides of the eye to create antennas. Whip finish and apply head cement.

I want to thank everyone for contributing to Keaton's progress in tying and ultimately fly fishing. He has had success in both thanks to your generosity.  At least once a month I will be meeting with him to tie a new pattern. Needless to say, he is loving it !!! The other day his dad sent me a picture of the fly that I taught Keaton to tie that he himself had taken a swing at and the fly was stellar. Keaton would have had to have shone him how to tie it because I didn't. Keaton has an older brother Braden who is in his freshman year in Missoula Montana and I am also teaching him about fly fishing. I will get a chance to teach him to tie when he comes home for Winter break in a couple of days. I visited him in Montana a couple of months ago and found my favorite lake of all time. I have never felt trout that were that strong pound for pound and I fish Diamond Lake and the Williamson River a lot. The fish were really tall (big shoulders) and all were in the 17-22" range with a few that frankly I could not stop, so I don't know how big the were, and never a day with less than 20 fish. Anyway thanks again and tight lines- Mark Swanburg

Monday, December 9, 2019

December Meeting


Mark gave me one of these a couple of years ago, and it is beautiful. It is well worth the effort it takes to tie. Mark says it will catch steelhead and trout when most other things will not. And if you know Mark at all, you know he can be depended on to catch fish in almost any situation.

Sorry to be so late with this information. I have a great excuse, I was too busy catching stripers to remember any responsibilities! However, I am glad to be back home and am looking forward to the meeting.

Ed Morphis

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Meeting next week, 2 things, maybe 3

Nimber 1...Bring flies if you have them for WaterWatch.

Number 2...SOFT Monthly Auction.   
Its time to clean out your tying bench, closets and supplies to make more room for Christmas presents!
We are always looking for donations for the Auction!
I will take any and all donations for the Auction!  Rods, Reels, Materials, Books or Tying Tools.

I appreciate all the donations and the Auction helps keep things running!
Tom Corbiere

Number 3...Regarding our young fly tier; I tied black Wolly buggers with him a couple of days ago and he needs: bobbin, bodkin, black lighter weight thread, blackish hackle for size 8 & 6 buggers, hot wire-red or whatever wire someone has extra, black short shuck or black chenille with sparkle of some sort & # 8&6 hooks of the 2312 sort and flashabou. I will be teaching him how to tie a flashback pheasant tail and an BTO emerger next. I tie mine on a caddis or scud hook in size 10 &12 and if anyone has some, it would be greatly appreciated. He has the pheasant but will need Mylar & 3/32 beads(black, copper, brass ect.) & brown thread. He has peacock but will need the same scud/caddis hooks for the BTO emerger. Green/olive  floss, small partridge feathers and .015 lead. Keaton’s older brother (Braden) is 18 years old & I have helped him along in his fly fishing & is now going to college in Montana in Missoula. Anything that comes to Keaton in the way of double materials or tools will be distributed to Braden during this holiday season when he returns home from college on his break. It is so very cool of you all who have participated in helping Keaton to get started in this new venture. I can tell you first hand(and you can see for yourself on Tuesday because both he & his father Bill will be attending the meeting) that he is very excited! if you happen to have any of these or any other materials or tools for Keaton & Braden, I know that they will put them to good use. By the way , you should see how good these two kids can cast already! Thanks & tight lines-Mark Swanburg