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 SOFT is on Instagram.  Just look for soflytyers.  What is it?  Instagram is a social media that is in a class by its self in simplicity and growing popularity.  It is based on photo sharing which makes it ideal for fly fishing and fly tying enthusiasts.  Shared interests is the engine that drives it to be so popular.  The search engines and YouTube are just full of information about what it is and how to use it.

How does it work?  First you take a photo using your smart phone.  Then you write a few words about the photo (optional).  Then you write in a few hashtag words that might look like this, #soflytyers #ffimember, #flyfishersinternational,  #catchandrelease.  What these hashtag words do is make a searchable word whereby other people could find your posting by searching any of those hashtag words (also optional).  This makes it easy for people of common interests to find each other.

How do I get it? You need a smart phone. It is a free download from the app store. This is very easy to get. Seek out someone that uses it and ask for an assist.

Are you a grammer?  If you use Instagram, please use these hashtags on your fishing and tying postings, #ffimember, #flyfishersinternational, #catchandrelease #soflytyers.