Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October SOFT Meeting

Two reminders or maybe three

Bring your flies for WaterWatch to the October 14th meeting.

Dick Bonamarte will be the demonstration tyer with details to follow.

These email reminders are going to end very soon.  They will be replaced by a blog.  Find the blog at http://soflytyers.blogspot.com.  When you open it, go to the upper right corner where you will find "FOLLOW BY EMAIL".  Put in your email address to receive automatic messages from the blog.  This will be much better than the current system.

This entire message will be posted to the blog.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WaterWatch Needs Flies

WaterWatch needs flies for their fundraiser.  Bring them to the upcoming meeting on Tuesday, October 14th.  WaterWatch does some very good work to keep the water flowing for the fish.  We need to get behind it.

Schedule of Demonstration Tyers

SOFT Demonstration Tyers 2014

October----Dick Bonamarte

November----Dave Hamilton

December ----John Matthews

Tyers for 2015

January----Cathy Hamilton

February----David Roberts

March----Bob Beanblosson

April----Paul Wolflick

May----Dale Heath

Friday, September 12, 2014

Guest Tyer  (Not for real, blast from the past)
Dan Kellogg

Hook: Partridge Wilson Low Water #9
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
Rib: Wire, fine
Tail: Lady Amherst tippet barbs, dyed hot orange
Body: Mylar #14, silver
Hackle #1: Partridge, dyed blue
Hackle #2: Whiting Coq de Leon hen shoulder feather

spitfire 2

Directions to Meeting Location

To get to the SOFT meeting location, take the Gold Hill exit, #40, off of I-5 and go west, toward Jacksonville, 1.3 miles, until you reach the brick entrance way to the Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park on the right. You’ll pass a golf course parking lot on your left shortly after leaving the freeway. After turning right into the mobile home park, proceed to the community building which is located about 100 yards ahead on the left. The address is 8401 Old Stage Rd. Click on the following link for the SOFT location in Google 


Forward this information to someone that you want to see at the meeting.  That someone may not know about us yet. 

Who are the Southern Oregon Fly Tyers?

 We're just a friendly group of fly tyers who like to get together at least once a month to tie flies. We have no formal structure, no officers, except for a few dearly beloved deceased members, and no dues. Anyone can be a member. Just come to the meetings.

The building will open at 5:30 PM for setup and chit chat, but the meeting won't begin until 6:00. All tyers, whether experienced or inexperienced, all are welcome. Heck, you can come even if you aren't a tyer. You’re welcome to watch, ask questions, drink coffee, eat cookies, and just hang out.

We've been running a bucket raffle at the last few meeting with lots of goodies up for grabs. It's always handy to bring a few extra dollars. There's always something for sale, and tips and donations are very welcome.

We have a different demonstration tyer at each meeting, usually followed by a tie-along session. The pattern and materials required will be posted to this blog. Bring your tools, lights, extension cords, and materials to learn a new pattern to add to your arsenal. Lots of fun for all, along with coffee and some cookies.

Please invite a friend and forward blog address on to anyone else who might be interested. Come early so you don't miss anything, and stay late. We've invited several new tyers to attend our SOFT meetings. If you see any new faces, please introduce yourself and make them welcome.