Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 2018 Meeting

When: Tuesday, May 8th 6:00pm.
Where: Madrone Hill clubhouse, Gold Hill
What: All About Deer Hair. 
What you will need: Your vise, tools, a light, a sharp scissors, 3-0 black thread.
Patterns covered: Muddler Minnow and the Irresistable
Materials needed: None. The club will provide all hooks and materials needed for each pattern.
Who: All club members, guests and new tiers are welcome.

You don’t want to miss May’s SOFT meeting. A lot of our members have mentioned that working with deer hair was difficult, some even said they avoided patterns that required spun hair. This class is designed to help you overcome those difficulties and get comfortable with the techniques required to tie these very effective patterns as well others in the future. You will learn to pick the right hair, prepare, spin, and trim. There will be handouts, pattern worksheets, and an instructional video playing in the Fly Tying Theater from 5 – 6 pm. There will be at least 3 instructors on hand to answer your questions and assist you through the process. There will be live demos on the big screen for close-up views of all the techniques.
So mark you calendar and set aside the evening for a very informative session with your fly tying friends. There will be coffee, treats and of course the raffle.

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