Thursday, May 24, 2018

LNG Pipeline---Important

This message just came from Rogue Climate.  The Rogue Climate staff have been working very hard to stop the LNG pipeline.  Lets support them with our phone calls, letters, and they need financial support to keep this going.
Today, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the US Army Corps opened a 60-day public comment period for a critical permit that, if denied, could stop the proposed Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline. 
Oregon DEQ is responsible for deciding whether this massive fracked gas pipeline and export terminal would negatively impact the water quality in Oregon. Federal regulators cannot approve Jordan Cove LNG or the Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline if the Oregon DEQ decides that the project does not comply with Oregon’s water quality standards. Fracked gas pipelines in Oregon, Maryland, and New York were stopped because state agencies denied this permit.
For the next two months, it’s up to all of us to submit comments that demonstrate that the impacts of this project would be far too devastating for the health and safety of our communities, clean water, and the local economy. 
Next week we’ll send out more information about comment writing workshops across the region and information for submitting your comments to the agencies. Until then, here are three ways you can help stop the pipeline and LNG export terminal:
1. Call DEQ to ask for a longer public comment period in our communities:
DEQ has only given our communities 60-days to write comments about how this project would impact Oregon. Can you call Richard Whitman, the Director of DEQ, at (503) 229-5696, to ask for an extension of the public comment period for Jordan Cove’s Clean Water Act certification to 120-days?
2. Volunteer to help turn out people to write comments. Sign up for volunteer shifts HERE.
3. Donate HERE to help support comment workshops across the route of the pipeline.
Allie and the Rogue Climate Team

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