Thursday, December 3, 2015


    After the first of the year The Fly Tyers Den will again be offering tying classes for intermediate and advanced level students. In order for us to make the categories appealing to your wants and needs we are asking for your feedback. Please review the following list of proposed class subjects and e-mail your choices asap so we can get the classed set up and scheduled. You can choose as many categories as you wish and we are definitely open to other suggestions. The classes will be held on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm at Dave’s place near Eagle Point. The number of students will be limited to 10 for each session. The cost will be only $50.00 per student and will include hooks and materials. This a great opportunity to further your fly tying education. We value and appreciate your input. It makes it possible for us to offer the classes YOU want.

    This is a list of the suggested categories. Thanks for your help. Please e-mail your response to Dan at
Mayflies – Top to Bottom
Caddis Flies – Top to Bottom
Stoneflies – Top to Bottom
Wet Flies and Soft Hackles
Traditional Steelhead Flies
Traditional Streamer Flies
Traditional Winged Wet Flies
Traditional Catskill Dry Flies
Stillwater Flies and Midges

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