Thursday, February 18, 2021

Dan Kellogg, His Life


Mr. Dan Kellogg, June 8, 1946 – February 5, 2021


Mr. Kellogg was a kind, giving and humble gentleman. He began life on a family farm in South Dakota and enjoyed a hobby of building repairing clocks with his father. He spent some time in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually 

moved into Southern Oregon working with Brothers in Medford, Oregon.


He loved fly fishing and especially fly tying becoming an incredible teacher of tying techniques and methods.  Dan started Southern Oregon Fly Tyers (SOFT) with Mr. Dave Roberts, some twenty years ago and served as its President for over seventeen years. He also had a disarming and engaging smile and employed it well while presenting his Tying Techniques corner after the SOFT meetings.


Dan attended and tied at Western based fly tying shows with his good friend Dave Roberts. He earnestly enjoyed sharing his tying knowledge and ideas with anyone who wanted to learn the fine art of fly tying.  


Mr. Kellogg was a member of the FFI and the FFI Fly Tyers Group.  He completed his FFI Fly Tyers Group certifications at both the Bronze and Silver levels. Dan owned a small cabin on Fish Lake and he really liked spending his time there surrounded by all the Southern Oregon beauty.


Dan also started his own local framing company. With his company, Stillwater Custom Fly Plates, he has created many plates for the following organization using many of the original tyers flies (Bob Quigley/Al Brunell /Dick Bonamarte / ORCFFI Legends Plates:

            Southern Oregon Fly Fishers

            Rogue Fly Fishers

            Oregon Council FFI

            Rogue River Watershed Council

            Water Watch

            Flies and plates for SOFT and many FFI individuals who wanted his help


Mr. Kellogg also had a keen mechanical engineering eye and designed a special fly photo box that was custom made so that one could slip their phone (like my

iPhone SE) into a cradle and all other adjustments (including lighting and focus) could be made with another piece of handheld equipment. I am proud to have the last one he made before his passing.


We will miss Dan, with his disarming smile, eager to teach attitude and his warm and inviting discourse.  I hope he his tying in his afterlife and sitting at his cabin at Fish Lake waiting for the fish to rise.


Mt. Kellogg is survived by his daughter Kris and his son Jason.


David P. McCants, President Southern Oregon Fly Tyers

Friday, February 5, 2021

Dan Kellogg

  We have sad news today.  Dan Kellogg had heart surgery yesterday morning and as result he passed away.  No other details are available at this time.  Dan was an excellent fly tier and a friend to us all.  He will be missed.