Friday, June 2, 2023

Southern Oregon Fly Tyers Dinner


Annual SOFT Dinner

Tuesday June 13, 2023

5:00 Happy Hour 

6:00 Dinner 

7:30 Raffle 



Where: Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park, Conference Center, 8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill.


We are setting up our Annual BBQ /Potluck dinner for our June 13th meeting. Food and beverages will be provided, and spouses and significant others are very welcome. As this has been a potluck in the past we ask that you let us know if you are planning to bring any side dishes and if not, what if any deserts or other interesting things you want to bring to share. 


We would like to get a head count and we would like to know if you will be bringing anything so that we do not over purchase the main course / side dishes and beverages. 


Please RSVP to me (Dave McCants) at If you could get back to us by Thursday, June 8th that would really help with our planning for this event. 


We will have the following: 

Ribs and Chicken / Baked Beans / Potato Salad / Green Salad / Bread / Wine / Beer / Soft Drinks… and of course what deserts or other dishes you wish to bring along… 


Also, please bring any flies or other donations for our raffle chairman as we will have a raffle after dinner. 


I believe that this will be the last chance to bring flies for Water Watch and we will be silent (no meetings for July and August. 

It has been a great tying season, and I thank all of you who have participated in our tying sessions!   Share and forward this message to your friends.


Kindest regards,

 Dave McCants


Sunday, April 30, 2023

"Let's get ready for the salmon fly hatch"

                                 A couple of patterns from Dave, AKA "Bear McCants".

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Addition to the May 9th Meeting

 In addition to the May 9, 2023 Meeting with  fly tyer Joe Knapik;

Dave McCants, AKA "Bear", will be doing a  30 minute technical session on "tying with peacock", following our guest tyer.



May 9th, 2023 meeting

 May Meeting                 Southern Oregon Fly Tyers

                                  Meeting on Tuesday May 9, 2023

                                                 6:00 PM

                                   Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park

                                   8401 Old Stage Road, Gold Hill

                                             This evenings tyer:

                                                                  Joe Knapik

                                              Joe will be tying "The Rattler"

The Rattler

"Fishing for bass has been a passion for me for some time and trying to get bass to strike can be painful at times especially if the conditions are less than ideal.  One such condition is off colored water when fish have a hard time seeing our fly, thus came about the Rattler.  Noise attracts all bass and by adding a rattle to our fly will get their attention.  I tie the rattler in two forms, the streamer for stripping and the clouser for jigging, both seem to work very well and have saved many a fishing trip."


Hook – TMC 811S 3/0 or TMC 8089

Thread – Monocord Danville 3/0

Rattle – 5mm plastic

Tubing – 3/16 clear marine heat shrink or thin walled heat shrink tubing

Belly – Flashabou Minnow Body 1/4 inch

Body - first layer - white buck tail

            second layer – silver polar flash

            third layer – white buck tail

            fourth layer – chartreuse

Eyes – 9/32 silver prismatic stick on eyes

Eyes – Real-Eyes 1/4 inch or bead chain -  silver

Head – Solarez UV resin thick & thin

Note:  Please remember to bring your flies for WaterWatch, their auction is in September.


Monday, April 24, 2023

Another Great Fly : "McBears’ Purple Chubby Chernobyl Tied by David (aka Bear) P. McCants"


McBears’ Purple Chubby Chernobyl

Tied by David (aka Bear) P. McCants


Hook              -           Daiichi 2110 #2 (Bomber Dry Fly Hook),

Thread           -           Black Uni 6/0 or Black Danville’s Flymaster,

Tail                 -           Purple Krystal Flash,

Tie in bump -           Purple UV Ice Dub (ICE298),

Foam             -           Black 5mm or 6mm closed cell foam w edge trimmed,

Legs                -           Round Medium Black Rubber Legs (2 ea. side),

Wing              -           Cream Poly Yarn,

Underbody   -           Purple UV ICE Dub (ICE298),

2nd foam       

Tie in point -            3 eye lengths behind eye,

2nd set legs   -           Round Medium Black Rubber Legs (2 sets ea. side),


Four key notes:

1.    Before placing first and second foam tiedowns, place a small drop of super glue down to prevent the foam from sliding around the hook shank.

2.    After placing the poly wing in, put a drop of super glue in at base of wing to prevent the wing materials from pulling out.

3.    After both wings are in, fly is finished, brush out wing and trip to desired shape.

4.    Trim front foam edge to semi-rounded shape.



Thursday, April 20, 2023

WaterWatch- Fly Donations



Hey folks,

The Madrone Hill Mobile Home Park has been graciously allowing us to use their clubhouse to hold our monthly meetings for years.  In return we are asked to donate flies to WaterWatch.

  Since 1985, WaterWatch of Oregon has pursued a single clear mission: To protect and restore flows in our rivers to sustain the native fish, wildlife, and the people who depend on healthy rivers.”

Our donated flies are auctioned off at the WaterWatch annual September fundraiser.  Let’s thank WaterWatch and help to make their event a success by bringing your flies to our May meeting.

Notes: From Tom Corbiere

I will be accepting donations for the June 13th End of Season BBQ dinner.

Now is the time to go through your tying and fishing gear and help out the club by donating to the raffle!

The money collected from the meeting raffle help keep the club up and running and helps pay for the end of season BBQ.”

Second Note:

“I will be stepping down as raffle chair after the June meeting.   We are looking for another club member to step up and take over the raffle duties. “ 

Sunday, April 2, 2023

 April meeting
                                              This evening's tyer is John Smith


"I’ve been fishing for 71 years, 67 with a fly rod.  I’ve been tying flies for 54 years, starting in 1969 while in the Navy.  My current tying efforts are concentrated on steelhead and still water patterns.  I was initially involved with Rogue Fly Fishers and SOFT from 1977-1996.  After 20 years in Utah we retired to Rogue River in 2016.  I am currently program chair and a board member for SOFF and schedule the tyers for SOFT."

John will be tying three flies:

Lion’s Mane Damsel

Phil Fisher


The Lion’s Mane Damsel fly is an extended body damsel fly developed by Phil Fisher, an avid fly fisherman who resides in the Sunriver Oregon area.  Much of Phil’s time is spent fishing the Cascade Lakes including Crane Prairie, East Lake, Wickiup, Hosmer and many others.   It is simple to tie and has received a lot of good reviews from Crane Prairie fishermen.




TMC 5212 size 10-12 or similar 


Olive brown to match marabou


Tan to olive marabou with very long fibers 


Red or copper wire


Olive brown to match marabou


Black plastic bead chain eyes

Twisted Damsel

Larry Tullis


The combination of two colors of marabou twisted together with the thread make a better simulation than a solid color and is much more durable. This method can be used for other delicate materials like peacock herl. Use the natural tapers of the longest marabou fibers to your advantage by tying them in tip first. This creates a soft, flowing, tapered, natural chenille. Many color variations are possible. Try a black pearl glass bead head, plastic bead eye, a Swiss Straw wingcase, Mylar ribbing, wire ribbing, a peacock herl head, olive Angora goat for legs or a full soft hackle.


Hook:  1X or 2X-long hymph hook, sizes 14 to 8.

Bead-head:  Optional: 1/8 inch gold metal or black glass bead.

Thread:  Olive 3/0.

Tail:  Light olive marabou with Krystal Flash.

Body:  Light olive and brown marabou.

Wingcase:  Optional: light olive marabou.

Legs:  Dyed olive, barred partridge fibers.

Collar:  Olive marabou.

Tullis Damsel

Larry Tullis


This is an intermountain pattern which I have been successfully fishing since 1997.  Easy to tie, it is very realistic.  It is an early example of an extended body damsel pattern, and replicates the slender abdomen of a damsel nymph.  Best fished with a midge tip, hover or dry line with a long leader toward shore.  The pattern which I will tie differs from the picture in the use of olive colored Straggle String in place of green angora or seal.


HOOK SIZES:            12 Caddis Hook

TAIL:                          3 or 4 olive ostrich herls or olive marabou pulled through body 

BODY:                        Olive Larva Lace tied just back of the center of the hook shank

WING CASE:             Olive Swiss Straw.  Tied down behind eyes and then pulled over

                                    Head and tied off and cut behind the eye of the hook

THROAX:                  Medium olive seal or angora goat.  Dub Thorax and around eyes

EYES:                         Melted 40# mono or plastic eyes or black beadchain eyes.

Additional Meeting Notes:

Dave McCants will be offering free fly tying material, just bring your own bag.  In addition, there will be four nice capes from his collection in the monthly raffle.