LNG Letters

 How I Contact Policy Makers

The idea is to take up some of their time and get your idea across.  The attitude is that they may not understand all sides of the issue and you are willing to help clear up some things for them.  Be business like but friendly.  I insert a little humor at the end of the contact.  Avoid any political context.  Don’t wait, Send those letters now.

Plain old school letters are good.  A pile of envelopes is hard to ignore.  Human nature is to find out what is in them.  Perhaps you will get a return letter.  This first return letter will usually be the, thank you for your input and concerns.  Then this is where it gets good.  Right away I send a second letter that says, I appreciate your response but you didn’t address my concern and meanwhile another related issue is really bothering me.  I keep this pattern going if I can.  Politicians and public servants like to control the conversation by changing the subject, so then it is my job to bring the conversation back on coarse.  If I get no response then I send a second letter.  This letter is about how the first letter must have got lost in the mail so here is the same message again and I look forward to hearing from you.   Here is what I sent to our own Greg Walden.


Representative Greg Walden  
14 N. Central Ave. Suite 112
Medford, Oregon   97501

Dear Representative Walden,

As an American citizen I am angry that a foreign energy company can use eminent domain to force their way onto our landowners properties and their neighbors properties.  We are supposed to be protected by the constitution.  Having a 36  inch high pressure pipeline on your property is dangerous and diminishes the value of your property.  The neighbors of the pipeline properties are also in danger and have diminished property value.  The pipeline property owners are offered a onetime payment that is so low it is laughable except it isn’t funny.  The neighbors aren’t offered anything, nothing.  It is too bad about your lost property value. Where is our government and our fifth amendment of our constitution?  Help us defeat this pipeline so we can turn our frown upside down.

Printed Name, signature, and contact info

Second Letter to Governor Brown -- This was actually sent --

Dear Governor Brown,

I appreciate your quick response to my recent letter.  I also appreciate that the various Oregon state agencies are involved in the Pacific Connector Pipeline, Jordon Cove Terminal proposal.  This is a very serious and critical time for Oregon.

I am hoping and requesting that the Oregon Attorney General make a thorough review of the process being presented to our citizens.  My research on the process of eminent domain is that this should only be used for the public good.  Also the landowner should be offered a fair price for their loss.  Furthermore any other neighbors who have diminished values of their properties must also be compensated. 

The way this pipeline is being presented is dishonest and is a total misuse of eminent domain laws.  Talk to the affected landowners.  It just doesn’t pass the smell test.

Please have the Attorney General look into this matter and then share the findings with us, the citizens of Oregon.


No Eminent Domain for Corporate Gain --Example Letter--

Put the name of the addressee at the top, then copy and paste this letter.  Put your name and contact info at the bottom and sign.  Your name and contact info is important so they know that you are a real person and a voter.

For over a decade, southern Oregon landowners have been held hostage by a Canadian energy company that wants to build a 235-mile fracked gas pipeline through their property. The Jordan Cove LNG export project would ship fracked gas through the pipeline from Malin to Coos Bay where it would be super cooled, liquefied, and put on tankers to be shipped to Asia. The project has little to no “public benefit” other than a handful of jobs and some county tax revenue. And still, a foreign corporation has the power to use eminent domain to take away Oregonians property so they can make billions of dollars. Seems absolutely wrong. 
Senator Jeff Merkley has now stood up in opposition to this unprecedented project recognizing the impacts it would have on property owners and the planet. Whatever your issue is with this project: property rights, safety, climate impacts, etc. the Senator should be applauded for taking a stand on what he knows is right for his state and its people. 
I call upon other Oregon elected officials and ask that they too stand with Oregonians who are being mistreated, lied to and ultimately held hostage by this empty promise of a project.


Pipeline safety concerns---example letter---

After seeing numerous newspaper stories about the LNG pipeline I became curious about the safety record of pipelines.  After watching numerous YouTube videos it suddenly became very clear that safety is a huge issue.  I saw many videos of explosions that left large holes in the ground.  I also saw some large fires that looked impossible to put out.  Most involved the death of anyone close by.  Then it occurred to me that the local emergency crews were not equipped or trained to deal with this type of emergency.  Natural gas is deadly to anyone that breathes it.  We know that is true and we know that natural gas can be explosive and also very flammable.  Do we want this in our living, work, and recreation areas.  I think not, I sure don’t.


Unanswered questions---sample letter---For the newspaper

Today a problem area of my mind is the proposed LNG pipeline.  I try to imagine what Southern Oregon will be like if the pipeline is really built.  I really don’t like that image.  A large area of Southern Oregon would be permanently damaged forever.  What happens down the road when the natural gas is no longer profitable? What would happen if they decide to sell the pipeline?  What would it be like if they decided to run another parallel pipeline along the same easement?  What would happen if they decided to convert it to crude oil.  We need to ask a lot more questions and demand some truthful and realistic answers.  Maybe, just maybe we could all work together to stop this travesty.  We can try.  What other choice do we have?


Thank you Senator Merkley! (climate change) 

For more than a decade, a project that-if built would become Oregon’s largest greenhouse gas emitter-has threatened southern Oregon private property owners with eminent domain. The Jordan Cove LNG export proposal has long been an issue for those of us who care about the fate of the planet, private property rights, and a sustainable, clean energy economy.
Recently and after years of being asked by his constituents, Senator Merkley came out against the unprecedented Jordan Cove project stating, “I cannot turn away from the knowledge that…..Jordan Cove will contribute massively to pollution that is profoundly damaging our state and our world.”
I applaud the Senator for finally walking his talk on the issue of LNG exports and their impact on the climate and for standing up for what he knows is right for this state and its people. Oregon is not a fossil fuel export hub. It is a beautiful place full of people with great pride for where they live. Thank you Senator Merkley for recognizing that and for proving to be a leader for us and for the future. No LNG, No Pipeline!


Applause for Senator Merkley (jobs)
Last week, Senator Jeff Merkley finally came out against the proposed Jordan Cove LNG export project. Thank you Senator for finally seeing the light!
This project has held southern Oregon landowners hostage for over a decade; threatening eminent domain unless they settle for a one time, low ball offer for permanent use of their land to bury a 36 inch, high pressure, fracked gas pipeline. The project makes false promises of jobs for Oregonians while the company’s project documents state that 50% of the workforce will be sourced from out of state. While some jobs will be offered to local Coos Bay residents, it is doubtful many will fill positions that require previous expertise in liquefied natural gas exportation.
Oregon deserves commerce, infrastructure and a stable economy but not at the sake of our public and private land, waterways, communities and climate. We want and need sustainable, family-wage, permanent, jobs in innovative trades that will and be fruitful for our people and the planet into the future.
Thank you Senator Merkley for recognizing this by walking your talk and standing up for what you know is right; No LNG, No Pipeline!